About “Factual Uprising”

Quickly finding facts and information about U.S. current events, government actions, and political activities is becoming more and more difficult.  Every day brings dozens of news alerts, breaking stories, and social media posts.  Keeping up with it all is impossible.

We wanted to solve this problem and create a database open to everyone (for free) that quickly connects you to the information you need (and to related information you didn’t know you needed).

Our goal is to spread real news and educate as many people as possible.


Why use this site?

Hear something in a conversation?  Wondering what the full story is behind something?  Can’t remember the exact numbers or the names of the people relating to a particular event?  Come here to find it.

Think about studying for a test, and Factual Uprising is your stack of flash cards (except we do all the research).  Skim headlines to quickly gather facts, and click on posts to get more context and background.


How does Factual Uprising create and add content?

We don’t do (much) primary research, because believe it or not there are some great companies out there already doing this work.  However, it is often difficult to find the right information quickly, so we do our best to research, consolidate, verify, and summarize everything into (relatively) concise headlines and stories.

Our sources are always cited, and the original articles, reports, studies, and documents are always only a few clicks away.

Also, we don’t sell advertisements on this site or have any financial incentive to provide anything other than unbiased and unfiltered information.  No clickbait, no sponsored posts, and no political motivation.


How do I use this site?

We have three ways to search for information:

  • Use the search bar to find information based on specific words or phrases
  • Browse categories that provide a variety of related stories within a certain topic
  • Browse random facts on the site


What if I can’t find something?

Let us know if something is missing or if you want us to do the research for you on a particular topic.  We will publish it for everyone to be able to use!

You can contact us here.

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