President Trump Spent 1 Out Of Every 4.5 Days As President At His Golf Courses; Twice As Much As Obama; Spent More Time At Golf Courses Than Obama, Bush, And Clinton Combined Over First 98 Days

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President Trump has spent 168 days over the first 757 days of his presidency at his golf courses, an average of 1 out of every 4.5 days as president.  He has spend 223 days at Trump properties in total (some do not have golf courses). 

The precise number of times Trump has actually played golf is difficult to track. His administration has tried to hide Trump’s activity, keeping his traveling press pool away and often refusing to confirm whether he has played golf. Instead, social media has become a source of crowd-sourced reporting into the president’s whereabouts.”

SOURCE: NBC (See Below Citations)


SOURCE: NBC (See Below Citations)


Trump visited a Trump golf property 41 times over the first 191 days of his presidency, an average of one visit every 4.8 days of his presidency (double Obama’s golf course visit rate over his 8 years as President).  Confirmation of Trump actually playing golf has become more difficult after the initial media attention in the early days of his Presidency.

Trump spent more time at golf courses over the first 98 days of his presidency than Obama, Bush, and Clinton combined (19 days for Trump, 5 for Clinton, 1 for Obama, and zero for Bush).


Trump routinely tweeted attacks about President Obama and his travel and golf habits:

Trump also stated at a campaign rally in Virginia in August 2016 that he is “not going to have time to go play golf“.



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