The Indiana Voter Registration Project Charged With Submitting False Voter Registrations

 In Corruption and Fraud   Last Updated: July 16, 2017

The Indiana Voter Registration Project and 12 of its workers — including a manager — are accused of submitting falsified applications in Marion and St. Joseph counties.”

The group submitted registrations for people who didn’t exist or who later told detectives they never filled them out.”

According to testimony in the court documents, many of the applications were for individuals that were already registered except the applications were “very sloppy penmanship, missing information, and/or contained erroneous data, such as, but not limited to the following: Applicants’ printed name not matching applicants’ signature, missing applicants’ telephone number, and applicant address not matching applicants’ County of residence.”

Canvassers told detectives they were pressured to collect 10 applications per shift or risk losing their jobs, according to the affidavit. Supervisors advised the canvassers, who were paid $50 to $75 a day, to meet their quotas ‘by any means necessary,’ the affidavit says. ”

It is still unclear how many false applications were submitted, and no evidence at this time suggests that the false applications led to false voting.

The Democratic group is funded by Patriot Majority USA, a super PAC whose head has ties to Bill Clinton’s 1996 Presidential campaign and Harry Reid’s 2010 Senate campaign.




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