37% Of Undergraduate Students Receive Need Based Scholarships, 13.9% Receive Merit Based Scholarships; Half Of Black And Hispanic Students And 1/3 Of White And Asian Students Receive Need Based Scholarships

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Limited data is available on the breakdown of undergraduate merit and need based scholarships, and the last comprehensive study available was completed using 2007-2008 school year data.

During the 2007-2008 school year, 37% of undergraduate students received need based scholarships, and 13.9% received merit based scholarships.  When focusing on the racial breakdown of students receiving need based scholarships:

  • 30.4% of White students received need based scholarships
  • 52.9% of Black students received need based scholarships
  • 49.7% of Hispanic students received need based scholarships
  • 35.4% of Asian students received need based scholarships


SOURCE: U.S. Department Of Education (See Below Citations)

The average award amount for merit based scholarships was $4,700, and the average award amount for need based scholarships was $4,000.



Jennie Woo, Susan Choy, and Thomas Weko. "Merit Aid for Undergraduates." Stats In Brief- October 2011. U.S. Department of Education, 01 October 2011. PDF. 20 August 2017.
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