Foreign Tourism And Other U.S. Bound Travel Estimated To Decrease Due To Trump’s Travel Ban And The Strong U.S. Dollar

 In Economy, Immigration, International Relations   Last Updated: August 2, 2017

Travel site released a report describing the rapidly decreasing interest in traveling to the U.S. from foreign countries:

Weekly international U.S.-bound flight searches decreased 17% after the travel ban was announced. The number of flight searches dropped from 61.5 million per week during Obama’s final days in office, down to 56 million during Trump’s inauguration week, before falling to 50.9 million after the travel ban was ordered.

While there is normally a slight decrease in this type of search during this time of year, it usually isn’t so significant.  Last year the same data captured by showed a decrease of 1.8%.

Swedish travel site noted a 47% decrease in U.S. bound flight searches after the travel ban compared to the prior year. saw a 16% decrease in U.S. bound flight searches between the average rate in January and the period from February 10-14.  

The President of Tourism Economics, a company that forecasts travel trends, told the New York Times that they expect approximately 6.3 million less foreign visitors from 2016 to 2018 because of Trump’s policies.  New York City also expects 300,000 less foreign tourists (which will reduce foreign tourism spending by around $600 million) and also blames Trump’s policies.

The Global Business Travelers Association polled its members in March 2017 to assess the impact of Trump’s policies:

47% of European travel professionals polled said they expected some reduction in their companies’ business travel, with 17% of them reporting they had already canceled business travel to the U.S. because of the Trump orders. Thirty-eight percent said their companies would be less willing to send business travelers to the U.S. in the future and 45% said they would be less willing to plan future meetings and events in the U.S.



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