97% Of 4,000 Recent Climate Change Papers Assert Human Influence; Many Of Remaining Papers Have Errors In Analysis

 In Environment, Fake News   Last Updated: September 26, 2017

Scientists examined 4,014 abstracts on climate change and found 97.2 percent of the papers assumed humans play a role in global warming.”

The reviewing scientists published their findings in 2013 under the group name of “Skeptical Science.”

A team of researchers attempted to recreate the analyses from the 38 papers published in the last decade that denied the human role in climate change, but each of them had at least one error that “when corrected, brought their results into line with the scientific consensus“:

Many had cherry-picked the results that conveniently supported their conclusion, while ignoring other context or records. Then there were some that applied inappropriate “curve-fitting”—in which they would step farther and farther away from data until the points matched the curve of their choosing…sometimes the papers just ignored physics altogether.



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