Claims That Trump Profited From Airstrike In Syria Are Unsubstantiated

 In Fake News   Last Updated: August 2, 2017

President Trump was accused of profiting from an airstrike in Syria on April 6 2017 because he once owned stock in Raytheon, the company the manufactures the Tomahawk missles used in the air strike (59 missiles were used, each with a cost of $60 million).  However the only evidence to support this claim are old FEC filings that show Trump once owned $15,000 or less of Raytheon stock.  

It is unclear if Trump still owns any stock in Raytheon (he has not released his tax returns and has not made any more recent FEC filings).  In addition, Trump spokesman Jason Miller stated in December 2016 that Trump sold all of his stocks in June of 2016. 




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