Trump Surpasses 10,000 False Or Misleading Claims By April 2019, Averaging 20 False Claims Per Day In 2019 So Far

 In Fake News   Last Updated: May 11, 2019

The Washington Post is keeping a tally of the false claims made by President Trump since becoming President.

Trump made 8,158 false claims over his first two years as President, averaging 16.5 false claims per day in his second year.

As of April 27 [2019], including the president’s rally in Green Bay, Wis., the tally in our [Washington Post false claims] database stands at 10,111 claims in 828 days.”  That averages 12.2 false claims per day over his entire presidency, but with 1,953 false claims in 2019 until April 27, his average for year 3 so far is 19.9 false claims per day.



Glenn Kessler , Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly. "President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims." Washington Post, 29 April 2019. Web. 11 May 2019.
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