Foreign Born Immigrants To The U.S. Commit Less Crimes, Have Lower Incarceration Rate Than U.S. Born Natives

 In Immigration   Last Updated: July 9, 2017

Over the last three decades, around 1.8% of immigrant males between 18-39 are incarcerated on average, compared with 3.3% of native-born males of the same age.”

SOURCE: American Immigration Council (See Below Citations)


A deeper dive into the 2000 Census data set shows foreign born male incarceration rates compared to native born male incarceration rates in the 18-39 age group are lower across all ethnic groups and originating countries.

SOURCE: (See Below Citations)


Bureau of Labor Statistics survey data collected between 1997 and 2005 shows first generation immigrants have less often committed crimes or engaged in criminal activity compared to second generation immigrants and U.S. natives (third generation or later).  While second generation immigrants commit more crimes than first generation immigrants, the second generation is not higher than U.S. natives.


SOURCE: Pew Research Center (See Below Citations)




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