Some Immigrant Troops In U.S. Military Being Abruptly Discharged

 In Immigration, National Security and Military Operations   Last Updated: July 8, 2018

Some immigrant U.S. Army reservists and recruits who enlisted in the military with a promised path to citizenship are being abruptly discharged.”

The George W. Bush administration created a program called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (“MAVNI”), which “allows legal, nonpermanent resident immigrants to join the military and get fast track citizenship.”  Over 10,000 immigrants have participated in this program, mostly through the U.S. Army.  All participants must have previous legal status in the United States before entering the program and must undergo a lengthy screening and background check process that involves the C.I.A. and the F.B.I.

Some of the service members say they were not told why they were being discharged. Others who pressed for answers said the Army informed them they’d been labeled as security risks because they have relatives abroad or because the Defense Department had not completed background checks on them.”

It is currently unclear how many immigrant troops are being discharged.



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