North Korea Begins To Dismantle Main Satellite Launch Facility After Summit Between Trump And Kim Jong Un, But Dismantling Has Since Stopped And Other Bases Are Now Being Improved

 In National Security and Military Operations, North Korea   Last Updated: November 23, 2018

Satellite imagery shows North Korea has begun taking down its main satellite launch facility” used for rocket launching since 2012.

According to North Korea monitoring website “38 North”:

Commercial satellite imagery of the launch pad from July 20 shows that the rail-mounted processing/transfer structure has been moved to the middle of the pad, exposing the underground rail transfer point—one of the few times it has been seen in this location. The roof and supporting structure have been partially removed and numerous vehicles are present—including a large construction crane. An image from two days later shows the continued presence of the crane and vehicles. Considerable progress has been made in dismantling the rail-mounted processing/transfer structure. One corner has been completely dismantled and the parts can be seen lying on the ground. In both images the two fuel/oxidizer bunkers, main processing building and gantry tower remain untouched.


On June 12, 2018 President Trump met with North Korean (DPRK) Chairman Kim Jong Un in Singapore, the first meeting between a sitting U.S. President and North Korean leader.  The two leaders discussed denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.


Howevever, a U.S. intelligence report released Monday November 12, 2018 suggests North Korea not only stopped dismantling this base but it is also continuing to make improvements at more than a dozen other missile bases.



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