2016 Election Voters: 12% Of Sanders Primary Voters Voted For Trump; 13% Of Republican Primary Voters Voted For Clinton

 In Polls   Last Updated: September 16, 2017

The Cooperative Congressional Election Study, which had a sample size of 50,000 participants, found that 12% of people who voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary for President ultimately voted for Trump in the general election.

The study also found that “12 percent of Republican primary voters (including 34 percent of Ohio Gov. John Kasich voters and 11 percent of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio voters) ended up voting for Clinton.”

Switching parties from primary to general is not uncommon.  Another study found that in 2008, 25% of people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary voted for John McCain in the general election, and 11% of republican primary voters ended up voting for Obama.



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