Trump Has Lowest 1-Year Approval Rating Of Any President Since 1945

 In Polls   Last Updated: January 21, 2018

President Trump’s aggregate approval rating on FiveThirtyEight is 40%, with a dissapprove rate of 55%, the lowest approval rating of any President after 1 year in office since polls began in 1945.

Trump’s approval rating is 22 percentage points lower than the average modern president’s. Meanwhile, his net approval rating (approval rating minus disapproval rating), -15 percentage points, makes him the only president in negative territory one year through his first term. Trump’s closest precedent is Gerald Ford, who had a net approval rating of just +5 points one year in.”

Trump’s lowest approval rating during his first year in office on FiveThirtyEight was 36.4% on December 16th.

SOURCE: FiveThirtyEight (See Below Citations)



Harry Enten. "How Trump Ranks In Popularity vs. Past Presidents." FiveThirtyEight, 19 January 2018. Web. 21 January 2018.
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