Federal Department Of Justice Seeking To Continue “Intentional Race-Based Discrimination” Lawsuit Against Harvard For Discriminating Against Asian Americans, Not White Applicants As Suggested By New York Times

 In Fake News, Racism   Last Updated: August 6, 2017

An internal Federal Department of Justice document obtained by the New York Times is seeking lawyers interested in “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.

The New York Times report insinuated this was in an effort to target affirmative action policies in general, particularly those “deemed to discriminate against white applicants.”

The Department of Justice spokesperson, Sarah Flores, noted this is for a lawsuit initiated in 2015 involving a coalition of Asian American associations:

The posting sought volunteers to investigate one administrative complaint filed by a coalition of 64 Asian-American associations in May 2015 that the prior administration left unresolved,” Flores said in a statement. “The complaint alleges racial discrimination against Asian Americans in a university’s admissions policy and practices. This Department of Justice has not received or issued any directive, memorandum, initiative, or policy related to university admissions in general. The Department of Justice is committed to protecting all Americans from all forms of illegal race-based discrimination.”

The lawsuit alleges “Harvard discriminated against Asian-American applicants based on their race.”



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