Sanctions Bill Signed Directing President To Impose Sanctions On Iran, Russia, And North Korea (Or Those Assisting These Countries) For Activities Supporting Spread Of WMDs, Human Rights Violations, And Russian Energy Exploration; Also Adds Congressional Review For Any Changes By President To Russian Sanctions

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President Trump signed a sanctions bill (H.R. 3364) on Iran, Russia, and North Korea on August 2, 2017, despite noting it “remains seriously flawed – particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate.”

Iran: The bill directs the President to impose sanctions against Iran or those that support any activities related to supplying weapons of mass destruction or military equipment (including training and other related resources), or enabling other human rights violations.

Russia: The bill requires the President to submit for congressional review any proposed new sanctions or before the removal of any existing sanctions on Russia.  It also includes sanctions on “foreign companies investing in or helping Russian energy exploration” and prohibits American companies “from participating in energy exploration projects where Russian firms have a stake of 33 percent or higher.”  The bill includes sanctions for those that provide any support or assistance to Syria with respect to the acquisition and/or development of weapons of mass destruction.

North Korea:  The bill prohibits U.S. financial institutions from establishing or maintaining accounts that provide direct or indirect financial services to North Korea, and foreign governments that provide financial assistance to North Korea are prohibited from receiving financial assistance from the U.S.  The bill also “provides sanctions against: (1) North Korean cargo and shipping, (2) goods produced in whole or part by North Korean convict or forced labor, and (3) foreign persons that employ North Korean forced laborers.”

Sanctions include restrictions on financial transactions and sale/transfer of property, financial support from the United States, and also prohibiting travel to the United States.



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