Since September 11, 92% Of U.S. Terrorists Have Been U.S. Citizens, and 48% are U.S. Born

 In Immigration, National Security and Military Operations   Last Updated: June 20, 2017

Between 9/11/2001 and 1/29/2017, 92% of terrorists committing or conspiring to commit acts of terrorism on U.S. soil or against U.S. assets outside of the United States have been U.S. citizens.  48% of terrorists were born in the United States.  Only 3% were refugees, 3% were under a temporary visa, and 2% were illegal immigrants.

 SOURCE: New America (See Below Citations)


Out of the 30 people involved in actual domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11, zero have been refugees, traveling under non-immigrant visas, or illegal immigrants.  73% were born in the United States (22 out of 30).

SOURCE: (See Below Citations)




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