Federal Department Of Justice Issues Warrants To Facebook For Personal Information Of Users Who Liked Trump Protest Page

 In Corruption and Fraud, Transparency   Last Updated: November 23, 2017

The Federal Department of Justice issued three warrants to Facebook “to disclose the names and profiles of users who approved of or interacted with content on the DisruptJ20 Facebook page” which is connected to organized protests of President Trump.

The warrant includes “information on…the approximately 6000 individuals who just ‘liked’ [this] anti-Donald Trump Facebook page. Requested data would go back to Nov. 1, 2016, a week before the presidential election.”

The Federal Department of Justice also issued a search warrant to DreamHost, the company hosting the main website disruptj20.org, which organizes political protests across the country against the current administration.  That warrant requests IP addresses of over 1.3 million visitors to the site.

The government later agreed to “narrow its request for information on the public page to exclude the identities of individuals who liked or followed it, as federal representatives indicated at a public hearing in October.”



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