While Federal Funding For Abortions Is Already Prohibited, Trump Administration Is Reviewing Rule To Prohibit Funding Clinics That Refer Patients To Other Facilities For Abortions

 In Women   Last Updated: May 19, 2018

Federal funds are already prohibited from being used for abortions or abortion related services under the Hyde amendment, first passed in 1976.

In March of 2017, Congress voted to repeal a rule that allowed federal funding for organizations that perform abortions as long as that funding wasn’t specifically for abortions.  Repealing this rule effectively allows states to deny funding to any family planning organization that provides abortions, regardless of whether or not those funds specifically go to abortions.

A new rule under review by the White House would extend this federal funding prohibition to any organization that also refers a patient to another organization or facility for abortions.



Sarah McCammon and Scott Neuman. "Clinics That Refer Women For Abortions Would Not Get Federal Funds Under New Rule." NPR, 18 May 2018. Web. 19 May 2018.
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